Jason the Marvelous

Black and White Cats

Hi, this is our cat Jason Rowland and he is nine months old, he is black and white in color and the breed name is called a rag-a-muffin. He really is a wonderful character and seems to make sounds as if he talks to you. He loves to play with our other cat Jessie, and together they make you laugh as they interact and play together. When you enter a room Jason will run to greet you, and makes a welcoming sound. He is so loving and mischievousness he makes you laugh with the things he does. When you hold him he puts his paws to your face, he loves water, and plays in the bathroom with the taps on a slow drip in the bath and sink. If you ask him “are you being a good boy ” he will roll over and over as if on que. When you leave the house he runs to you, and seems so concerned, as if to say “don’t go”. He truly is a Marvelous cat.